Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Just Fab

I received a comment from Tiara Joy on my most recent Shoe Dazzle post. She recommended I try Just Fabulous, which is another site with a similar concept to Shoe Dazzle. After an initial "fashion personality quiz," their stylists will select shoes for me to purchase. The price is the same as Shoe Dazzle- $39.95- and also like S.D., shipping is included in the cost. They offer handbags as well as shoes, but so far I have not seen any jewelry. (But if you read my blog, you know I'm not impressed with S.D.'s jewelry selections.) One thing I already like better about Just Fabulous is a section called "The Haute List." The "Haute List" is the top three picks of bags and shoes from their stylists.

Currently in their "Haute List" are these adorable boots:

And this fabulous bag: 

One of my issues with Shoe Dazzle has been that their items don't "wow" me enough. Maybe I'm just a tough customer, but I've felt like there isn't enough variety, so I often feel like I'm seeing the same shoe selections over and over- not the exact same, but just variations of each other. I also often feel like while the shoes are nice, they're just not "me." I hope that Just Fabulous has a selection that is more in line with my personal style. Time will tell. Tiara Joy recommended this site versus Shoe Dazzle because she felt the shoes were more in line with her personal style, so I hope the same proves true for me. Since it's the exact same concept and the exact same price, I feel this could be a great comparison experience. 

I've already noticed a few things about Just Fabulous that I like. For example, when you view an item, there is not only a brief description of the shoe with a few pictures from various angles, but there are also two interesting tabs with even more fun information. The first is the "Celebrity" tab which shows- you guessed it- a celebrity wearing a similar style shoe or carrying a similar bag. For example, take a look at this bag (also in the "Haute List"):

If you click on the "celebrity" tab, you'll see these pictures of Whitney Port and Jessica Szohr, respectively: 

While neither celebrity is carrying the actual bag, these photos offer evidence of current trends as well as possible looks that will work with this particular accessory. Another feature I enjoy is the "Video" tab on the shoe pages. It's exactly what you might think- a video of the shoes being walked in. Personally, this helps me understand the proportion of the shoe as well as get an idea of how comfortable the shoes might be if I purchase them. In any case, it's an additional feature that I appreciate. 

But while we're on the subject, I may as well show you the Shoe Dazzle "Alternate Styles" for the month of November:

I asked for neutrals and colors in flats in mid-heels. I suppose they gave me what I asked for, but I'm a tad underwhelmed (again). The two flat options are fine- I definitely prefer "Aurora," and the heels are far from "mid" height, if you ask me. I think that "Hazel" is a gorgeous shoe- perfect for a holiday party or date night, but I also told them I was looking for shoes to wear to work. "Hazel" is definitely more of a festive "party" shoe. Do you think I'm being too hard on Shoe Dazzle? After several months as a member, but not ever purchasing a single pair, do you think they're sick of selecting shoes for me? Or do they think of that as par for the course with this type of business? I suppose I'll never know. What I will know (soon, anyway), is whether or not I prefer Just Fabulous to Shoe Dazzle or the other way around. You'll be sure to read about it here, so check back frequently! 

Also, don't forget to participate in my weekly #ShoesdayTuesday Twitter posting game. Right now, it's pretty simple- post anything you like about shoes in a tweet along with the hashtag #ShoesdayTuesday. If you don't post the hashtag, I'll never see your tweet. You don't have to follow me in order to participate. Some of you may want to post a picture of your favorite shoes. Others might want to share a link to a great shoe sale or website. There are no rules except that the tweet be about shoes and that you include the hashtag. Simple, right? I'll post a round-up of my favorite tweets, so get to twittering or tweeting or whatever the kids are calling it these days! Happy Shoesday Tuesday! 

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