Sunday, November 7, 2010

Discount Alert!

Do you remember my review of eShakti? That seems like ages ago, doesn't it? It was actually nearly a year ago! Well, here were are, nearly one year later and I have a special offer for all of you from eShakti. If you use the following promo code when you check out at, you will receive an additional 15% off your purchase.

Promo code: ReL7YN

This promo code is valid through the end of November, so it might come in handy if you decide to do some Christmas shopping online. I was just doing a little browsing and fell in love with these dresses and skirts:

As much as I love my full and a-line skirts (and I LOVE my full and a-line skirts), I am also starting to truly LOVE a more narrow silhouette on the bottom half. The right fabric and design is what it takes for me- not just any old pencil skirt will do. Unfortunately when it come to dresses, the fit is usually off. For example, if I find a dress like the grey one above (far right), it is often very difficult to find a size that works for me. If it fits in the bottom, then it's too big across the bust. It's a lot easier for me to find a skirt with a slim silhouette than a dress. Of course, once I've found a great skirt, I then need to shop for a top that works with it, so it ends up being a lot more work in the end. I don't mind if the end result is one I like. I'm thinking of ordering the grey dress from eShakti, but getting it done in a custom size. I have to think on it, so no promises, but if I do, I'll certainly post about it here.

I'm probably going to be doing a bit of clothes shopping for work in the next few weeks, so I'll be sure to post some pictures of what I get! Have a great day, everyone!

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