Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Accessories Anonymous: Bridal Accessories

At my new job, one of my favorite responsibilities is helping brides select the accessories that finish their wedding day look. As a fan of fascinators and interesting hair accessories, you can imagine how fun that part of my job can be. In addition, I like taking a few minutes out of my day to create interesting head pieces of my own design. Like these: 

Organza Flower Duo Headpiece

Organza Single Flower Headpiece

Peacock Feather and Rhinestone Ribbon Headband

While the first two are distinctly bridal, the headband is a bit more out-there. It might be more appropriate for a fun night out or maybe as a quirky look for a wedding reception. Working in the bridal industry gets me thinking about what choices I would make if I were in the middle of planning my own wedding. I like to think I'd be low-maintenance, but you never know until you're in the thick of it, do you? I think I would definitely be the kind of bride who would wear the traditional white floral headpiece like the ones pictured above for the ceremony, but then I'd bring out something bold and even a little whacky for the reception. I am a huge fan of peacock feathers, so I might even consider something as bold as the headband above. What about you? Leave a comment- if you've been married, tell me about your wedding accessories. If not, tell me what you think you might like. 

On a side note, the last picture is an amazing shot of one of my favorite earrings. Bonus! And speaking of bonuses, today is one of the last days for you to enter the THANKSGIVEAWAY, so don't forget to leave your comments on that post! You might win an amazing necklace by Tina Tarnoff. I can't think of a much better bonus than that! 

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Steph said...

I wore a 1950's style sun dress with a boat neck, exposed back and big wide skirt (slightly longer than knee length) with miles of tulle underneath. No shoes, no stockings, a lavender satin sash, and a super super long tulle veil. We were married on the beach and all that tulle and silk swirled beautifully.

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