Sunday, November 21, 2010

Featured Outfit: Jason of Salmagundi

Whenever I visit Beth in Jamaica Plain, we inevitably end up shopping. Last Wednesday was no exception. There is a shop in J.P. that I adore because it is full of the most interesting and unique accessories, bags and clothes. They also happen to have one of the best hat selections I've ever come across. Salmagundi never fails to  provide me with a new, interesting and unique accessory. Last week when I was there, it was a wooden cocktail ring that caught my eye. I had to have it- it's going to make a great addition to my collection. What else caught my eye? Jason, one of their very stylish employees:

Things about Jason that I think are SUPER cool: 

1.) He rides a Vespa. A red one. 
2.) He moonlights as a DJ on the weekends. 
3.) His middle name is Wednesday.
4.) He has impeccably manicured sideburns. 
5.) He has great personal style. Great.  

I really appreciate his polished look- it's almost as if he is dressed for another decade, for a time in the past when people "dressed" for something as simple as running to the grocery store. It's modern-hipster-meets-Don-Draper with a distinct sophistication to the overall look. I'd buy a hat from him in a heartbeat. Wouldn't you? 

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