Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rate My Look- Another Black & White day!

I absolutely love color, but just as much as I love color, I love pattern and polka dots are a personal favorite. This dress was only $15 at Dots (such a ghetto cheap store, but every now and then you can score something fabulous! The shoes were a splurge at Macy's years ago and I have gotten quite a lot of use out of them. Once again, I'm a sucker for the two-tone spectator look. And of course, you remember the bag from this post.

You may also remember that I love cooler weather because it means adding a coat and I LOVE coats. One might say I'm as obsessed with coats as I am with shoes. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), coats aren't generally as discounted as shoes can be, so I don't have nearly as many coats as I do shoes. Anyway, here is one of my all time favorite coats:

It's about as old (or older) than the shoes, which means it's at least 6 or 7 years old. It's Ann Taylor and I love it. The piping details get me every time- enough that I'm willing to put up with the slightly long-ish sleeves. It's such a great fit and I have truly gotten a TON of wear out of it. It was definitely an investment piece and I have never regretted purchasing it for a second. It's classic and timeless and I hope to have it for many years to come. As for my accessories, I'm wearing H&M earrings and the baubles cocktail ring from this post.

I adore this polka-dot dress for several reasons: First the fabric, it's a great proportion for the polka dots. Second, the dress is incredibly comfortable- it's almost like wearing PJ's. Also, because it's black and white, I'm able to wear just about any pair of shoes or accessories I like with it. Despite the fact that it's print, it's still a neutral in terms of color. I actually toyed around with a few different shoe choices today before deciding on the spectator pumps. I originally wanted to wear my red Steve Maddens from this post, but the t-strap was actually really unflattering with the dress. This is a great tip for all you lovely ladies out there: if your dress falls at or below your knee, wear an open ankle shoe as opposed to a t-strap or ankle strap. Ankle and t-straps (and ankle boots) tend to cut off your leg at the most unflattering spot, making them look shorter. If you are wearing a short skirt, it's less noticeable because more leg is showing, but with knee length or longer, you have to be careful. Nobody wants to look like they have stubby little legs, right?

P.S. I love how in the second picture you can see my left-overs from Applebees resting on the arm of the couch. Hilarious. Too bad I'm not good enough at photo editing to delete it from the picture. Anyway, let me know what you think of my outfit. Leave a comment before you go!


Wear Necessities said...

I love the polka-dot dress! Super cute! I need to buy more polka-dotted items for my wardrobe...Where is the store "Dots" located? Do you have a link to it?

-Natalya of

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Sorry about that Natalya- I must have forgotten to add that link. It's in the post now, but in case you're wondering their web address is At Dots, everything is under $20, I believe.

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