Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wedding Fantasy

Do you ever watch that show on TLC "Say Yes to the Dress" about the NYC bridal shop Kleinfeld's? I absolutely LOVE it. I think that wedding dress shopping has got to be so surreal. There is no other single garment that has as much impact on our lives as a wedding dress. As little girls, we grow up dreaming of what ours will look like. Why am I posting about wedding gowns? I have no idea- I think maybe subconsciously I'm trying to make sure I have a girl post to counteract the last one about menswear. Anyway, I love the Pnina Tornai line they always have on "Say Yes." It's the ultimate in fantasy wedding dresses. Pnina truly designs the most spectacular, ethereal, feminine wedding dresses I've ever seen. Some of my favorites:

I don't necessarily love these because I'd wear them- I'm more in love with them simply for their sheer beauty and artistry. I love how much detail Pnina incorporates into each dress- making each one truly special. When the time comes for me to shop for my wedding dress, I think a Pnina might be a little too much design for me, but it's fun to imagine how it would feel to wear one of her dresses, don't you think?

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