Thursday, November 19, 2009

Project Runway- SEASON FINALE!!!

Isn't the season finale so bittersweet? I love seeing the designers' final collections, but then it's all over until the next season. First of all, I feel terrible for Carol Hannah, I think Irina is as mean as ever aand Althea is as sweet as ever, and HOLY COW Tim Gunn was MAD! I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown when they weren't lining up the models on time. Also, I just want to get a "woot-woot" for the first ever all-female Project Runway finale! Woot-woot!

My initial thoughts on each collection prior to hearing the judges opinions:

Althea: Considering when this was filmed, Althea's was very fashion forward. Her pieces had many 80's inspired details, which at the time was a trend that had yet to take off. I personally would not wear many of her pieces because they seem to be most flattering on the tall skinny supermodel type. Her 13th look seemed to have very little to do with the rest of the collection, but other than that, there seemed to be decent cohesion.

Carol Hannah: First of all, I LOVE the outfit she wore. As for the collection, it was spectacular! I gasped- literally- at nearly every piece. I am completely in love with every single look!!! I would die to wear SO many of those pieces- the grey tulle skirt, the first look, the 13th look, the finale gown and everything in between. The detail was amazing, completely breathtaking and so feminine. When she described her inspiration as "gothic architecture and fairies," I was a little nervous for her, but the collection was sophisticated, mature, fashion forward and truly, truly breathtaking.

Irina: Overall, it was very cohesive, but that was due in large part to the extremely limited color pallete. I don't like the fact that nearly the entire collection is black. There were only a few pieces that were any other color and those colors were grey and beige. To me, it felt too dark, too heavy. Also, I think that the detail she put into it did not translate through the small screen. I'm sure the audience viewing it live saw a lot more than the viewers at home did. I also feel that since the background of the tent interior was black, it made it more difficult for me to see the garments.

Feedback on the feedback:

  • Spot on, Michael Kors, that Irina's "warrior woman" has been done before. Also, I'm happy she was acknowledged for doing so much casual clothing and knitwear. 
  • I agree that Carol Hannah's collection did not have a clear "connective thread." I also don't care. 
  • I totally disagree with the remark about Althea's beige sort of harem pants- the 13th look. I do NOT think that lots of women would want to wear them. Especially me. 

It must be SO hard to be a judge. Each designer clearly had a strength- Althea's street sense, Carol Hannah's editorial appeal, Irina's showmanship and ability to layer. How do you really weigh all of those against each other and decide who should win? I freely admit that I would choose Carol Hannah primarily because I want to wear those pieces, and it must be hard to keep personal taste to a minimum and judge on how fashion forward and photographic the pieces are. I have to think that in order to possibly understand how on earth the judges did not choose Carol Hannah as the winner. And even more so, how they could choose Irina as the winner?!?!? I suppose I'm just upset that Meana-Irina won when I wanted sweetheart Carol Hannah to win, but to be perfectly honest, all three of the final designers were completely deserving of the win. This was perhaps the strongest group of finalists in the history of the show. What do you think of the final outcome? Agree? Disagree? Happy? Sad? Leave a comment! 

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