Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rate My Look

Yesterday was such a spectacularly beautiful fall day- the sun was warm, but the air was crisp and cool. It was the kind of day you want to spend hiking or playing outside with your dog (if you have a dog). If you're like me, you had to work. I spent most of the day catching up on paperwork, which is always my least favorite aspect of my job. The department is always a disaster right after we open a show- fabric covers the cutting table, thread is so thick on the floor, you can hardly see the carpet beneath it, and costume pieces are in disarray everywhere you turn. In my office, the folder that houses my receipts is usually overflowing by this point, piles of rejected costume pieces are stacked on the floor, on the extra chair, pretty much everywhere, and my desk isn't visible beneath the piles of paperwork that's accumulated over the past 2 or 3 weeks. It's really shameful, but the point is that the first day back after opening a show needs to be spent in comfortable clothes. This was my outfit yesterday:

I mentioned in yesterday's post about my shopping excursion that I got some bargain accessories at Aldo. The purple and black necklaces in this picture were some of the bargain pieces I scored. Here's a closer shot:

Jeans: Old Navy- $19
Cowl neck top: Fair Indigo- $22
Sweater: Target- $14
Shoes: Etienne Aigner purchased at TJ Maxx- $29.99
Necklaces: Aldo- $9.98
Sunglasses- Michael Kors- Gift

I can't guarantee that the prices are all exact, but they are pretty darn close (within 1 dollar or less). I have no idea how much the sunglasses would cost, but I'm thinking they weren't cheap. After all, they are the real deal.

What I love about this outfit is the unexpected combination of the purple beaded necklace with the orange-rust sweater. It feels like fall but with a twist. I was very comfortable all day and I got my office completely back to the organized, clean state that I like it in. Paperwork is under control,  receipts wer organized and turned in to the finance department, and you can actually see the clean desk and floor now. Hurray!

This morning I'm off to work, then I have a meeting about a freelance costuming gig, which I'll fill you all in on soon enough. Have a fabulous day and enjoy the cool fall weather- it looks like today will be just as gorgeous as yesterday, if a little cooler.

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