Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The oh-so versatile LBD

I mentioned a few posts ago that I didn't have an LBD for the longest time. Now I have three, but one is decidedly "dressy" and one is so casual, it's practically a sweatsuit. The third is perfect- it's comfortable and versatile. I can dress it up or down, layer it with a cami, sweater and tights or wear it alone, and of course the possibilities are endless where accessories are concerned. So today I present to you, the LBD Five Ways. All I did was change out the accessories for different looks to demonstrate a fraction of the versatility of this (and most) LBD's. I tried to use accessories most of us would have in our closets and also to keep it pretty simple so that you can see how different an outfit can be with only a slight change.

A little about the LBD itself: I got it at Festoon, an adorable boutique in downtown Lancaster. Originally $129, I got it at a steal for 40% off. It's a faux-wrap, meaning it appears to be a wrap dress, but it's actually completely sewn together and slips on rather than wraps. It's better on windy days than a wrap dress- no risk of flashing anyone with a big gust of wind! Wrap and faux-wrap dresses are flattering on literally any body type. They accentuate the smallest part of a woman's body- the waist. Also, the v-neck helps to draw the eye upward to the face.

Option 1: Super casual, perfect for running errands or hanging around the house. I love the mix of brighter jewel tones because they pop so nicely off the black. It's not super clear in the picture, but the shoes are a deep emerald green.  

Scarf: Old Navy, $10
Shoes: Fabulous Footwear, $22

Option #2: Over-the-top accessories- lots of layered necklaces plus a "bracelet" and bright mustard-yellow patent shoes. I would wear this out to dinner with friends for sure, or maybe to a dinner party. I like the combination of accessories because I feel they are very "me."

A closer look at the accessories:

Shoes: Deb Shops, not sure of price, but I'm thinking around $10
Bracelet: (Actually a necklace repurposed) H&M, gift from Beth
Gold link necklace: Target, $5.48
Black beaded necklace: Aldo, $9.98
Beaded pendant necklace: Vintage

Option #3: "Latin flair" LBD with a bright red rosette at the waist. I kept the gold chain link necklace on as well. This is a fun option because of the pop of color, It draws the eye to the smallest part of my body- my waist- so it actually helps the shape of the dress to flatter me even more. I kept the shoes a basic black to keep the eye from having to jump around. If the shoes were a bright color, too, the accessories could cancel each other out by forcing the eye to two different places.

Rosette: Ann Taylor Loft, $3
Shoes: Kenneth Cole, $14.97

Option #4: This time the bright red is at my feet- a classic pairing- the LBD and the red shoes. You can see how despite being the same color as the rosette, they would not have worked together. This is my "vintage" LBD version- the shoes have a very retro feel to them, and the earrings are actual vintage clip-ons. You may remember them from this post.

Shoes: Target, $22.98
Earrings: Vintage

Option #5: Last, but certainly not least is the Va-va-voom LBD. An LBD is often great by itself, but you know I can't just wear plain black pumps with the LBD all by itself- I need shoes with a little "oomf," hence the leopard print. 

Shoes: Target, $5.48 (I'm SO not kidding!)

They're hard to see above, so here are the shoes alone:

No explanation necessary, right? They sort of speak for themselves. The figure-hugging dress, the neckline, the shoes- all of them together say "Va-va-voom!" Right? I think so.

Leave a comment to tell me about your LBD. And don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's Giveaway post in order to be entered for the $20 Eshakti Gift Certificate drawing at the end of the week!


Wear Necessities said...

Wow, great pics of wearing that LBD different ways! I absolutely LOVE those Leopard shoes and cant believe you got them so cheap! Thats my kind of sale - Natalya of Wear Necessities

Beth said...

Great post! I especially love the Latin flair. And your blue dress with the yellow shoes in a previous post is sublime!

Retro Chick said...

Ah, you can't beat a good LBD.

I have a jersey 40s style dress with a shawl neckline that I have worn to death.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love the flower on the waist!

Vinda Sonata said...

great post! i love the red accent and the necklace layering! good job on elaborating the LBD! :)


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