Monday, April 11, 2011

Rate My Look- Saturday Outfit

After sharing my new bag purchase with you guys, I had to take a picture of my all-black Saturday work outfit. You've actually seen the outfit before, but the accessories are different.

You may remember this dress and boots from this post late last year. Obviously, the bag is the most striking accessory addition, but you may also see that I've decided to wear my new Stella and Dot bracelet. Honestly, I can't stop wearing that bracelet! It's become my absolute favorite piece in my entire jewelry collection. AND, it goes with just about everything! 

After work, one of my coworkers joined me in attending an instructional cooking class at Stonewall Kitchen. It was a lot of fun- we got to taste some really amazing food as well as see it prepared by a professional chef. My outfit transitioned easily from work to a night out. I changed my shoes to a slightly fancier pair, but the rest of my outfit stayed the same. I was comfortable, but chic, appropriate for work and a night out. Pretty close to a perfect outfit, if you ask me! 

1 comment:

LuceBuona said...

Hi Renee!! Long time no-read!
Nice outfit! That bracelet caught my eye inmediately!
I'm jealous about the cooking lesson, it sure sounds like a lot of fun.
Hope you are doing well :)

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