Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sophisticated and Bright

Everyone wants to start wearing bright colors and prints as soon as the weather starts to improve. We're all so sick of dark overcoats, heavy boots and thick sweaters that the idea of light, bright clothing is absolutely irresistible. But if you work in a professional environment, you might not be inclined to start prancing around in sun dresses at work every day. So how do you get away with the fun, bright colors, while still looking polished and professional? The answer is simple: it's all in how you use the brights and what you combine with them to create a professional outfit. The simplest solution is often the best one and this situation is no exception. Citrus-y brights combined with shades of grey. It will work EVERY time. I promise. Need proof? See below:




While I used mostly mid-range shades of grey, these outfits would all be equally successful in everything from the palest grey to the deepest charcoal. There's something a little warmer about grey (as opposed to black) that makes it an ideal neutral for this time of year and it's a perfect complement to bright, citrus-y colors like the ones pictured above. In addition, even the boldest color or print seems perfectly office-appropriate when paired with the more subdued grey piece, whether it's a pair of sensible work trousers or a fitted blazer. Now do yourself a favor and go pull out all the bright colors AND greys you have in your closet and start putting your new spring look together. You'll thank me.

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