Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: New Stella and Dot Jewelry!

This week has already felt like Christmas because my Christian Siriano dress arrived and it is AWESOME! I'm usually of the opinion that animal print should be used in small doses, but the dress really works. It's super hot, super comfortable and I can't wait to style it in a million different ways!

The other reason it feels like Christmas around here is because my Stella and Dot jewelry has been arriving! You saw the pieces I chose from my Hostess Rewards last week, but now I want to show you the free jewelry I received for becoming a Stella and Dot Stylist. As a stylist, you receive an initial $350 in free jewelry. Of course, the more trunk shows you book, the more likely you are to earn even more free jewelry. I have one trunk show booked so far and I'm hoping to book a couple more this week! It's amazing how easy it is! It's the incentive of earning all that free jewelry with Hostess Rewards that makes people so interested in hosting a trunk show, and I can hardly blame them! But more on that later. Now, let me show off the jewelry!

I'm most excited about the Jolie Cocktail Ring and the Soiree Earrings, but for opposite reasons. The ring is going to be an amazing statement piece to have for when I really want a bold look. The earrings I selected will all make excellent additions to my jewelry collection for their versatility. None are so bold as to be their own statement (except maybe the Bardot Hoops), but rather they will add a touch of sparkle to any outfit in a subtle and sophisticated way. 

I hope you're impressed by the sheer volume of jewelry I've amassed in only a week's time- it's a LOT! Also, because I joined the Stylist ranks before the end of April, I will also be receiving the Rio Coin Bracelet (valued at $89) for FREE as well!

I love how jingle-jangle-y this bracelet is. Yes, that's a technical term: "jingle jangle-y." Another thing I love about Stella and Dot jewelry is that you can feel and see the quality in the products. I've always been one to purchase super bargain "junk jewelry" at places like Forever 21 and Target. I can't say that I will be abandoning those places altogether, but with such a great source for on-trend, quality jewelry, I imagine I'll spend a lot less time and money on super discount jewelry. The difference for me is longevity. If I view a certain piece of jewelry as something I'll get a lot of use out of, I'm more likely to invest in a better piece. If it's a trend that I don't see lasting and I imagine I'll only wear for a brief season, then I'll likely consider shopping for it on the cheap. But that's what's great about having variety in your collection of accessories- and this goes for any accessory, not just jewelry-it's all about mixing and matching pieces from different sources. What makes an outfit unique to YOU is how you choose to accessorize it. You may own an expensive necklace and a brooch from a thrift shop, but it's combining them that creates an interesting, one-of-a-kind look. More on that at a later date! 

Check back soon for more styling tips and in the meantime, leave a comment to tell me what you think of anything you've seen or read here today. 

Have an awesome day! 


Wanderlusting Fool said...

The lady bug earrings are so CUTE. Glad to know these pieces are better quality that F21 and Target. Even though those places are great for trendy pieces, I want to start investing in better jewelry!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

You said it, it's an investment. It may cost a bit more to have nicer jewelry, but when you consider how much more wear you'll get out of it, it's SO worth it!

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