Friday, April 1, 2011

Boyfriend Jeans: They don't even work on Katie Holmes

You know what I've never really agreed with? The idea of women wearing actual menswear. I'm not talking about womens clothing that is menswear-inspired. I'm talking about actual menswear. With rare exceptions, I think that women need to wear clothing designed only for women. Men have bodies that are very different from womens, so the idea of wearing clothing designed for a different body type just seems so backward to me. In every clothing choice we make, we should be choosing to flatter our bodies. If an article of clothing does not flatter your body, you probably shouldn't wear it.

"Boyfriend" jeans are a prime example of this pet peeve of mine. My friend Melanie asked me to check out a specific brand of boyfriend jeans because she was thinking of buying them (against my advice, I might add). Here's the thing: Mel is adorable with a great body- a body of a woman, not a boy. I know the appeal of boyfriend jeans in their relaxed fit, but in my opinion, "relaxed" is often just another word for "sloppy." If you want a looser fit through the leg, try wide-leg trouser jeans instead. I honestly have yet to see a pair of "boyfriend" jeans that are as flattering as jeans designed for a woman's shape.

Take Katie Holmes, for example: I believe she is mostly to blame for this horrible trend lasting as long as it has. And yet I defy you to tell me she actually looks good in these jeans:

Even when she's wearing a more fitted, feminine top, they still don't work: 

From the waist up she looks great! And then the jeans. Oh, the jeans! Maybe you guys can explain it to me- tell me why, oh why you would want to look this way? Do you disagree with me that it's a sloppy, disheveled look? Please let me know why this trend persists! (In the comments section, please!) 

And as for Melanie, I'm sorry to be so public about this, but you can't buy those jeans! You're too cute for them! Put the credit card away! Walk OUT of the store or step AWAY from the computer- whether you're hoping to purchase them in person or online, I have to say, I think it's a mistake! 

What is really perplexing to me is the fact that fitted jeans- boot cut, skinny, high- waist, wide leg, etc.- are all equally comfortable! Jeans are comfortable! They don't have to be baggy all around to be comfortable! You can be comfortable AND stylish AND have your clothes flatter your body- I promise! I'm curled up on the couch as I type this wearing a pair of fitted, boot-cut jeans. I'm just as comfortable as I would be in sweat pants. So ladies, please, do me a favor and let's work together get this horrible trend behind us. Thank you. I'll step off my soapbox now. 


Anonymous said...

Renee! Ah I am so embarrassed! Ha! Ha! Just kidding! I do think that the boyfriend jean is cute, but I do see what you mean it is a sloppy un-kept look. But I do think that Katie Holmes looks cute in them! Shameful I know! I did recently try on a few pairs of boyfriend jeans at Macy's in Bedford. It is not a look that worked for me, I think you have to be at least 5'9 to make it work - if that is even possible. So no boyfriend jeans for me, although I am still on a quest for the perfect jean!

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