Friday, April 8, 2011

Rate My Look: My Jewelry Arrived!

Remember that jewelry party I went to? Well, my jewelry arrived last week and I honestly feel as though I've been wearing it ever since. No joke. It's funny how certain things just end up being favorites and you don't realize they will be until after they're purchased. Of course, I would hope we are all purchasing things that we think will work well in our wardrobes and that we will get a lot of use out of, but you never really know what pieces are truly going to stand out as your absolute favorites. My earrings and bracelet are two such things. Here are just a couple of examples of outfits that worked perfectly with them: 

I actually took a close-up photo of the bracelet which is SO much better in person: 

I am digging this jewelry SO much, that I'm even considering becoming a Stella and Dot Stylist. Basically, that means I'd be a rep for the company and I'd attend all the fun parties where people can buy the jewelry. I'll be sure to share my specific website and whatnot once I've officially signed up. It should be a little later this month once things start to calm down a little. It's definitely a busy month for me, although I can't really figure out why. But my point is this: Keep checking back for more info about how YOU can host a Stella and Dot Trunk Show and own some of this amazing jewelry. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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