Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rate My Look- Another Sunday Best

Today was the last day I'll be working Sundays until next year, and it was also the first day since the official start of spring that it actually felt like it. In celebration of these two things, I decided to break out a dress I purchased over the winter. I got it at a bargain price and knew I was going to have a wait a few month to wear it.

I wore the dress with all sorts of other fabulous accessories including my new Coach bag, my favorite snake skin heels, my new Audrey Cluster Bracelet from Stella and Dot and my super gorgeous earrings that Beth gave me for Christmas this year. I was really pleased with my outfit when I got dressed this morning, but then when I got to work, I received such huge, enthusiastic compliments from all my coworkers, I realized I'd struck outfit GOLD! It's not often that I wear beige, but I might have to start wearing it more often after the reactions I got! 

And the best part is that the dress, shoes and bag were all HUGE bargains. Obviously, you know the story of the bag, since I just got it last Wednesday. The shoes were a super bargain at $5.99. And the dress was less than $40 at TJ Maxx. However, it is currently available at Nordstrom (in the store and online) for $158! If you like it, it can be yours, but I'm afraid you can't get it for quite as good a price as I did! It's currently available in navy or black. It's an extremely comfortable dress, and even at $158, it's worthwhile for the quality materials, design and construction. 

I know it's a dress I'll wear a LOT this spring and summer. Since it's a neutral color, it will be easy to pair it with all sorts of accessories to create different, unique looks. I promise to take pictures of any particularly good combinations I come up with. In the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my neutral, but chic outfit. 


Beth said...

This look just blows me away. It's sooo chic and sophisticated, without being stuffy at all. Home run, knockout, WIN. I die. And the bag-- she is beautiful.

LuceBuona said...

Whaaaat?! Five dollar shoes? Really? I can't belive it? You got the deal of the season let me tell ya! :D
And I couldn't agree more with your friends and co-workers, that outfit is an A+!!
Not only the outfit is good, I have to be honest with you, and Renee you are looking great, and slimmer ;)

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