Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shoesday Tuesday- Design Your Own Shoes

At work, I see a lot of brides trying to match shoes to their bridesmaids dresses. It's a fun look for the bride to have a pop of color at her feet, plus it brings the look of the wedding party together a little bit more. Obviously, there are plenty of dye-able shoe options out there. All you need is a swatch and you can have perfectly matched shoes. (Of course, I wouldn't recommend having the bridesmaids dye their shoes to match their dresses- that look is very dated.) But whether you are a bride searching for fun shoes, or whether you're just an average Jane looking for a unique pair of shoes, you might want to try creating your own custom look. There are of course custom shoes that are designed specifically to fit your feet and your feet only. I'm not really talking about that type of customization today. Mostly, I'm interested in the custom LOOK of a pair of shoes.

Nina is a shoe brand I have always highly recommended. I used to purchase them for the female performers when I worked at AMT. They were very well made not only in terms of durability (performers are notoriously hard on their shoes and costumes), but they were also well made in terms of comfort. I sometimes even purchased them for dance numbers- they were solid and secure, but also sleek and sexy. In other words, if these shoes could withstand the intense use and abuse of the performance world, they certainly can survive a night out with the girls. And more importantly, your feet will survive the night out, too.

Anyway, since by now my love affair with Nina shoes is clear, I'm sure you can understand my excitement when I stumbled upon their "Design Your Own Shoes" feature. In five minutes, I had designed a pair of shoes for each season. Yes, they're a little wacky, but I did that intentionally so that you could see the options of mixing colors.

Spring Nina

Summer Nina

Fall Nina

Winter Nina

There are about half a dozen shoe styles to choose from, and each style is available in at least three different heel height options. The shoes are satin and there are options to add rhinestones to some of the styles, too. I'm so tempted to create some one-of-a-kind shoes for myself! The prices are very reasonable, especially when you consider the fact that these are essentially custom-made shoes. Check it out when you have a minute and start creating your own shoe designs! 

Tweet your designs to share with me and other Style...the New Black readers. Don't forget the hashtag #ShoesdayTuesday or we won't be able to find your tweets! Happy Shoesday Tuesday, everyone! 

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