Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Runway is BACK!!!

WIN: Emilio (Hurray! His was my fave!)
AUF'd: Christiane

I promise to post a full write-up of each episode as I did last season, but tonight I simply HAVE to go to bed ASAP. This post may be a tad brief but I'll make up for it in the future. For now, here are some basic observations of the season opener:

- Heidi looks as radiant as she ever did. Love her.
- Michael Kors is looking more orange every season. Someone please tell him to lay off the fake 'n bake. He's a pumpkin.
- Nicole Richie looks as terrible as she ever did. I kind of want to shake her and shout, "Eat a burger!" and "Lay off the eye make-up!"
- The talent is definitely there this season- the runway show was impressive. The designers were ambitious and I love that.
- Parsons looks like it got a fresh paint job- everything is bright and pretty.
- The grand prize is SO much bigger- that HP/Intel package sounds awesome!
- Why wasn't Jay on the chopping block for putting a pom-pom on the model's belly? Can we say "UNFLATTERING?"
- Janeane is the female version of Ricky- she is already crying way too much.
- Anthony is hilarious- they'll keep him on the show for entertainment value alone!
- "Ping?" Really? Is that her real name?

I completely agree with the judges' decision and I'm hoping that since the show is back in New York, we'll have more consistent judging. Last season had too many judges. Nina, Heidi and Michael are great judges and along with Tim, they keep the level of the show very high. Their standards require designers to work at a top skill level and creativity level. And of course Tim Gunn is just amazing. The formula works, so please, producers, keep the show in New York and don't change a thing!

Pictured: Emilio's Design (My fave!)

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