Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rate My Look- embellished hats

So I started off the day in this outfit:

It's my standard black jersey dress by Max Studio, black tights, black round toe wedges and a favorite cropped jacket. I accessorized with a pair of earrings that I got for Christmas and one of my zipper brooches. (P.S. I just want to say that I'm really happy with my hair in this picture!)

Anyway, I ran around getting my errands done (and my fabulous-looking hair suffered greatly as a result- it was a windy day). When I got home, I started playing around with my zipper brooches and my other brooches and my hats and before I knew it, I was in a full-on self-portrait photo shoot.

In the past, I've advised readers to be playful and whimsical with their accessories, and recently suggested adding a brooch or pin to a hat as another interesting option. It's something to do besides just tack it onto your lapel. Also, it takes a plain hat and turns it into something far more interesting. Today I'd like to show you how it works on basically EVERY style of hat out there (or at least on all of the styles I personally own- which is a lot). Please ignore my red face and scraggly hair- like I said, it was a windy day.

I always say I was born to wear a beret and I still stand by that statement. A little rhinestone brooch makes this hat extra special.

This is my white velveteen "Engineer cap." The shape is a little boxier than a standard ivy or newsboy cap. It actually has a little bow on the side, but I just pinned my fucshia zipper brooch on top of it for a pop of color.

Even a hand-knit beanie is more exciting with a little embellishment on it! It's warm, too!

I adore-a my fedora! Sorry, that was lame. But this look isn't! It's completely fabulous! It makes a traditional mens hat far more feminine and flirty.

This traditional suede newsboy cap is glammed up just a little with a small rhinestone brooch.

Even a headband/ear warmer is better with a little surprise on top. This rooster pin is so fun and colorful- I love it! (FYI, it was purchased on Etsy from mvegan5's shop.)

This is my personal favorite of them all- it's eye catching and fun! Probably more appropriate for spring, but you get the idea.

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The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Those all look great! So many fun options. I especially like the fedora.

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