Friday, January 15, 2010

Day to Night Delight

Yesterday I had after-work plans with Andrea. We were planning on going to a restaurant downtown where her boyfriend would be playing jazz with a couple other musicians. In terms of fashion, my outfit needed to transition pretty easily from day to night, from office to bar. Here's the day version:

Basic black polka-dot dress with black tights, cardigan, black cocktail ring and my favorite wedge heels. The night version is very similar and takes only a few minor changes:

I simply removed the cardigan, changed to fun, funky red patent shoes and pumped up the volume on my make-up. Really, the make-up is the most significant change made to the outfit. I darkened my eye make-up and brightened the lip color. Of course, neither of those changes is particularly noticeable in the pictures. Simple and easy switch from day to night, don't you think? In the summer, this transition would work, too. Instead of a cashmere cardigan, I'd wear a light-weight cotton or silk cardi and of course I'd skip the tights altogether.

In a completely unrelated subject, I took some gorgeous pictures last night. I happened to walk by a window while I was at work and saw an incredibly stunning sunset. I'm glad I saw it when I did because it didn't last long. Pennsylvania sunsets are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I've heard west coast sunsets are incomparable, but until I see one, I'll still boast that PA has some of the most spectacular sunsets.


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The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Beautiful dress and gorgeous pictures!

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