Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today is the final AMT Christmas Show and it's always bittersweet when a show closes. Last night, several cast & crew got together for a last hurrah- some snacks and games before everyone goes their separate ways. We played "Apples to Apples" which is a super fun game. It was a freezing cold night and I decided to change up my outfit to be a tad warmer for the drive over. I ended up putting on one of my favorite sweaters as well as my new "F-Uggs." The result was not nearly as hideous as I would have anticipated:

Is it possible that these ugly boots are actually growing on me? That I'm starting to like them? I still think they're pretty unflattering, but there's definitely something to be said for comfort and warmth. I will continue to debate with myself over these boots until I come to some type of definite conclusion, but for now, the jury's still out.

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