Friday, January 29, 2010

Project Runway: Season Seven, Episode 3

WIN: Mila
AUF'd: Ping

While I completely agree that it was Ping's time to go (a week too late), I don't know what the judges were thinking with assigning Mila the win. Honestly, did anyone else think that looked like a bat-wing speed-skater suit? And yet ALL of the judges LOVED it! Maybe I'm not "in the know" with fashion, but I can't think of anything about that outfit that was stylish.

I always enjoy a good team challenge, but I prefer the situations where the designers have to be selected as the team leader by a guest judge, rather than just be pulled out of a bag and named "Team Leader." Remember when Santino pitched a "lederhosen-inspired" lingerie design back in Season 2? Unfortunately, his final products were a complete monstrosity, but I liked watching the designers pitch their ideas. It was a similar situation when Sarah Jessica Parker  was the guest judge and the contestants had to design a look for her "Bitten" line. When the luck of the draw determines the leader, I'm never as happy.

Anyway, my favorites of the night were Jay and Maya's design- they had a black gown with sculptural details on the shoulder and working down the dress. The concept has been done before, but what I liked about their version was that they had so much skin showing on the opposite side of the pleating. It helped to balance out the look and not appear over-designed.

Another favorite was Amy and Jesus. While the shrug has been done and done and done on Project Runway (and every other fashion/design show), I still liked the texture they created on the actual dress.

The structure of the challenge was confusing to me- I wish they had been allowed to design a "look-for-less" that was inspired by their own creation and not that of another design team, but I suppose they've already done that on the show and the producers probably felt the need to do something different. And I'll be perfectly honest- none of the "looks for less" were that spectacular. I would have been perfectly happy seeing them execute their museum-inspired looks to a higher level, rather than see an additional outfit thrown together at the last minute. If the producers are going to allot $500 to each design and request a high-end look that can be considered museum-worth and stand next to vintage Dior, Ballenciaga, etc., then I'd like to see the absolute best the designers can do with that budget and time without being hampered by addition elements of the challenge. But that's just my opinion. What did you think of the episode?

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