Monday, January 4, 2010

eShakti Review

Hi everyone- I have been remiss in my duties in reporting to you about the pants I got from eShakti a while back. This has been for a couple of reasons. First, I've been INSANELY busy. I'm sure you all understand how that is, especially around the holidays. Of course, being busy hasn't kept me from posting, but when it comes to the pants that were sent to me, it's been an issue. The reason is that the pants are nice, but don't fit me properly. I sent my measurements to eShakti and asked for a custom pair. Perhaps it has to do with my measuring, but the pants are too large. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to tailor them so that I can wear them for the blog.  so here they are as seen on the website:

They are adorable, arent' they? I was hoping to be able to add them to my stock of dress pants, particularly ones to be worn with heels. Unfortunately, the length is too short for me to wear them with heels. I'm not sure why that is. It could be the measurements I sent to them. They'll be a perfect pair of pants to wear with flats, though.

As you know, I also received a top and I reviewed it here. The top was of exceptional quality and fit, so that is what makes the pants even harder to review. I don't want to be too harsh, but the quality of the fabric used on the pants wasn't up to my personal standards. Of course, the website doesn't specify the weight of the fabric- it only states "cotton satin." The fabric is too thin to be worn in winter, in my opinion. These pants would be fine for spring and summer, but if you wanted to wear them in the fall or winter, you'd have to layer a pair of tights underneath.

To sum up, my experience with eShakti was mixed in terms of getting custom pieces made to fit. I recommend purchasing a specific size when ordering pants because pants are incredibly difficult to fit when you can't try them on in person. If you order whatever size you typically wear, then you'll at least be able to gauge how their sizing fits your body. As for the quality, once again my experience was mixed- the top was spectacular, but the pants were made of fabric too thin for the price asked. If they were lined, that would certainly increase their value in my opinion. If anyone else has purchase from eShakti, please leave a comment and tell me about your experience. I'm a huge fan of the styles they have to offer, so I definitely see myself ordering from them again in the future.

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Those are nice pants! Happy new year! -Natalya of Wear Necessities

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