Friday, January 22, 2010

Project Runway: Season Seven, Episode 2

WIN: Jay
AUF'd: Pamela

I admit, I was shocked at BOTH of these choices. I agree that both should have been in the top and bottom, respectively, but for a winner, I would have chosen Amy and I would have auf'd Ping. The choice to eliminate Pamela for a fit issue over Ping whose model had her BARE BOOTY out for millions of viewers to see is one that baffles me! Ping is certainly entertaining to watch, but that should not automatically get her through. You have to wonder in an episode like this one if the producers had more to do with who was auf'd than the judges. Also, Jay as winner is surprising because his dress wasn't all that amazing. I actually preferred both Amy and Anthony's designs because they made burlap beautiful as opposed to making it unrecognizable. In addition, both Amy and Anthony created frothy, fluid skirts and structured, fitted tops which juxtaposed beautifully. Both also executing their dye techniques splendidly. Amy's was more impressive and innovative to me, as she used 2 different colors and only dyed the edges of the fabric. This technique, combined with the bias-cut for the skirt created a visually interesting textile. Anthony's dye job was beautiful as well, but far simpler. The end result was a dress the color of raspberry sorbet and just as delicious.

Overall, the designs were incredibly innovative and beautifully executed and I loved how several of the designers combined sophisticated elements with the raw burlap- like Mila's silver piping and the charcoal-dyed burlap, or even more beautiful, Jonathan's lace trim over the perfectly raw burlap. It was a fun, interesting challenge. The only part I hate is when they make the models the client as well. I understand that it's more in line with a real-world situation, but I'd much rather see the designers work their magic without the limitations of their models demands.

What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and tell me what you think- I'd love to hear it!

Pictured: Amy's Design (my personal fave)

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Timothy said...

While it's hard to defend Ping's bare bottom, Pamela's dress was my least favorite of the *season*. It looked sooo trailer trash to me, like a welfare mom found it at Goodwill for $1 and tried to sex it up by cutting it six inches shorter and adding a slit up the side.

At least Ping's *idea* wasn't in bad taste, even if the end result was. Pam's first week dress was also awful, so I'm comfortable with the decision; she's not a good designer.

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