Sunday, January 10, 2010

200th POST!!!

I can't believe I've hit the 200th Post mark! I can't believe I've had that much to say! As I move forward, I hope to continue writing blog posts that are current, relevant to my readership and entertaining. If there is any topic I have not covered that you would like to hear about, please leave a comment and tell me what it is. It can be a fashion question like, "What do you think of the trend over-the-knee boots?" Or advice questions such as "How do I dress to accentuate my legs without looking too trashy?" or "I have trouble finding tops to fit my shape, what should I do?" Tell me if you like seeing the pictures of my outfits, or if you'd rather I continue posting about where to find great pieces for cheap. Maybe you've seen something inspiring and you'd like to share it- I'd be happy to host a guest post sometime as well! Ultimately, I'd love to hear from each and every one of you. In your words, the good, the bad and the ugly- what is your opinion of how I'm doing with this blog? How can I improve upon it? What will keep you coming back for more? I want to know it all!

Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to the next 200!

1 comment:

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Congrats on your 200!!!!!!!!

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