Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I don't know if it's the fact that I'm eye-ball deep in the design process of a Nashville show for AMT, or maybe it's that I've been watching too much of the Bachelor, but there is just something so sexy about a guy in jeans and a country-western style shirt. I might even like a cowboy hat, depending on the dude and the hat. I mean, look at the guys from Rascall Flatts:

Because of the research I'm doing for this show, I've been spending a lot of time "Google-ing" images of contemporary country artists as inspiration. I've always thought of country western style as being a little hokey (and trust me- a lot of it still is), but there are a handful of guys out there who make the country boy look fierce. So all you gentlemen out there who want to be good country boys, here's how you do it.

1.) Start with an amazing pair of jeans like these "Petrol Jeans" from Jordan, available at Sheplers:

2.) Add a fitted button-front shirt with a little western flair, but keep it subtle. How do you keep it subtle? Monochromatic color combinations- think tone-on-tone, like this black shirt by Roper from Vintage Western Wear:

3.) Finish with a nice pair of black boots- they don't have to be cowboy boots, just make sure they're sleek like these from Steve Madden available at Zappos:

Or these by Kenneth Cole, also available at Zappos:

Some basic rules to help you guys pull off this stud-ly look:
- DON'T finish off the look by tucking in your shirt and adding a huge belt buckle
- DO leave the shirt untucked and the sleeves rolled up for a casual but sexy look
- DON'T wear a cowboy hat. Unless you are on your way to an actual rodeo
- DON'T grow your hair into a mullet or anything even remotely resembling a mullet. Also, DON'T grow Grizzly Adams-esque facial hair
- DO keep your hair trimmed and neat, but stylish- both the hair on your head and the hair on your face. "Manscaping" is a good thing
- DON'T wear spurs on your boots (unless, once again, you are headed to an actual rodeo)
- DO let your boots get a little scuffed up- just a little to add that rugged feel to the outfit

Well, gentlemen, I hope to see all of you out there sporting this sexy look. And if I see you breaking any of the rules, you can bet I'll call you out on it, so don't even try!

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