Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Accessories Anonymous

It seems the post from my shoe closet was fairly popular, so I'll continue with another item from my personal accessory collection: my favorite cocktail ring. I admit, rings are difficult for me- I have large fingers and they rarely fit well- I usually have to have them sized. With nice jewelry, it's definitely worthwhile, but for something trendy like a big ol' cocktail ring? If it doesn't fit right off the bat, I pass. Anyway, what I love about this ring is that it's adjustable, but not in that ghetto-dollar-store-jewelry kind of way. The craftsmanship is very high quality, so the ring is very comfortable. It's made of brown leather and turquoise and it's fabulous. Check it out:

Please excuse the state of my nails- it's been ages since my last manicure and I chipped my thumbnail this afternoon, hence its jagged edge. Anyway, isn't the ring so unique and fabulous? Here's the birds-eye-view:

Yes, that's a Tiffany bracelet- a gift from my parents a few Christmases ago. (Side note: That October, my apartment was broken into and several pieces of jewelry were stolen including an amethyst and gold bracelt, a ruby, diamond and gold ring and a ring with a glass stone that was practically worthless in terms of its monetary value, but it held a lot sentimental value. Anyway, the following Christmas, my mother and stepfather bought me the Tiffany bracelet and a ruby ring to replace the two valuable items that had been stolen from the break-in. I love the bracelet and haven't taken it off since that Christmas nearly five years ago.) Ok, back to the cocktail ring- I love that it makes a statement without being flashy. I bought it at a cute store in downtown Lancaster called Festoon. It's a shop on King Street right near the Central Market. The store does not have a website, so you'll have to visit in person! The accessories at Festoon are what draw me in, but I've also purchased a few clothing items there. I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like. Check it out next time you're downtown. There were several pieces by the artist who made my ring the last time I was in, so if you like it, you might be able to score one for yourself. Let me know if you check it out!

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