Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: HairDo Clip-in Bangs

A while back, Jessica Simpson got together with Ken Paves and created a line of hair pieces- mostly clip-in extensions designed to be worn with layered hair. Most were a little beyond my price range ($80ish), so I never tried them out. I was, however, quite tempted. In my line of work, I ask the girls I dress to wear faux hair all the time but I think a lot of women are intimidated by the idea of wearing it in real life. I've incorporated a few hairpieces into my style repertoire with great success and that's with mostly cheap stuff. No joke. I even wore a curly hair comb to a wedding and got SO many compliments on my 'do.

Recently, I discovered a piece that I found too intriguing to ignore. I even splurged and bought it for $35 (with shipping). It's the Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves HairDo Clip-in bangs. I'm in love. I wore it for the 2nd half of the day today and fooled just about everyone. Hardly anyone noticed and that was a pretty clear indicator that they looked natural, don't you think? The color was a flawless match with mine and it truly blended in without looking like an added on "piece." The bangs are designed with three small clips underneath the layer of bangs. Simply part your own hair down the middle and clip on. I did it several times without even using a mirror and achieved fabulous results every time. These bangs are far superior to other add-on bangs available on the market right now. I've tried another pair that actually wraps around your entire head and let me tell you- they are hard to put on and look soooooo fake. If I didn't look so battle-worn from the long day at work (it's nearly 11 PM and I've been here since 9:15 AM!), I'd photograph myself before and after to show you how great they work. However, since I look far too wretched today to photograph, I'll just show you the HairDo demostration pictures because it TRULY is this easy and effective.
And yes, they look that natural and fabulous in real life, too. I give these clip-in bangs a solid 2 thumbs up.
P.S. Just in case you're wondering why I'm at work so late and lso ong, The Black Crowes are playing at American Music Theatre today. It has been a fabulous, if long, day- they have all been so polite, and friendly, as was their opener, Truth & Salvage.

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