Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet as Honey

Don't you just love the color of honey? It's so warm and inviting and sweet and so I just had to put together a post dedicated to the color of honey. Enjoy these beautiful and stylish honey-colored pieces:

T Tahari Cleo Dress, Nordstrom, $128

Bixby Bag, Kate Spade, $346

Cowl Chiffon Dress, Dorothy Perkins,  £45.00

Just Fabulous Elise Pump,, $59.99

Honey is a perfect color to transition from summer to fall- it is still bright enough to work with a lot of true summer colors like sky blue or white, but it has the depth necessary to be paired with rich, fall colors like pumpkin and amber. Try to work something honey-colored into your outfit this weekend and you'll see what I mean!  


Maria said...

A lovely color that I look absolutely hideous in! But that Kate Spade bag ... well, a girl can dream. :)

Anonymous said...

Honey is a beautiful color! I will have to add it to my closet in an effort to get away from all my black clothes! I shall be careful not to wear black and honey together or else I risk looking like a bumble bee! :0) hee hee K

Natalya's Closet said...

I LOVE this color for Fall! These pieces are beautiful! Great post! XOXO,

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