Friday, September 30, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 10

I have three words for the judges this week: Viktor was robbed.

Seriously- how could they possibly let anyone else win this challenge when it is so clear that Viktor is sewing in a different universe than all the other designers? I'm absolutely infuriated. I'm enraged. I want to punch something.

No offense to Anya, who seems to do a pretty awesome job most of the time, but Viktor not only created an impeccably tailored, flawless, super chic 3-piece modern take on the leisure suit, but he also made a sexy, fun, amazing dress, both of which were wonderful modern interpretations of 70's attire. Pretty much everyone else used loud prints and the same silhouette and their looks were all pretty horrific.

Josh's look was by far the worst with those pants. Oh my gosh, those pants!!!

Remember when Mondo made those super high-waisted pants out of his "positive" print? Those were actually kind of cool and even though not everyone could pull them off, his model looked pretty fierce in them. Josh's plaid pants? Not so much. And to mix them with a hideous top AND leopard print accessories-  as in more than one leopard print accessory- was the icing on the cake. Not only should Viktor have won this challenge, but there is absolutely no reason why Josh should not have gone home. (Except for the fact that he's so much snarkier than Anthony Ryan and therefore makes for better television.) 

I won't even waste your time with photos of the other looks. All you need to know is that this week, the judges got it all wrong. 

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Tim W. said...

Usually I have a lot to say, but this week all I can say is that I agree. I love Anya to death, want to see her in the final three, think she's an amazingly talented designer considering her limited experience, and was especially impressed by her ability to make something out of $11.50. However, if anything, she should have been in third place behind Viktor and Bert, who was really in his element this week given the 70's inspiration and has started to come on strong as the dark horse to make the final 4.

I feel like this week was the epitome of Josh as a designer--his taste level is all but non-existent--and he is *very* lucky to still be in the competition. He's basically riding the "Santino Rice" factor all the way to the end: be dramatic, be controversial, be good TV.

I'm hoping for a full-on gown challenge next week. We haven't had one yet, and it's always one of my favorite challenges...

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