Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Amazingly Fashionable Co-Workers

There are often days at work when three or four of us will show up wearing similar outfits- the same color tends to be a common theme. On Thursday, there were four of us wearing a coral colored top with black pants or a skirt. Another day it will be purple, or red, or maybe even black and white stripes. Since we're all very fashion-obsessed, it would make sense that we have similar tastes, or that we would gravitate towards similar looks, whether we're inspired by a style magazine or another coworker. Last week, both Juhree and Kristin wore amazing outfits centered around the same types of pieces: an awesome teal dress, rockin' knee-high boots and simple accessories. 



I wish I'd taken close-up photos of the girls' accessories- Kristin's bird necklace and Juhree's cocktail ring are each the perfect finish to their outfits. I love the richness of the cognac color of Juhree's boots- the combination is perfect for fall. And Kristin's 60's-era silhouette looks modern with flat black suede boots and her awesome bird necklace. So, if you're in need of some outfit inspiration, consider creating a look inspired by Juhree or Kristin and you can't go wrong. Here are some super chic options to help you build an outfit from the ground up, or finish off one you already have: 

Lacquered Hummingbird Pendant, Forever 21, $5.80

Faceted Dome Ring, Forever 21, $2.80

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