Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I've been extremely fortunate that for almost the entire summer, nearly every one of my days off was blessed with beautiful weather. Today, not so much. It's rainy and cold and I just want to stay curled up in bed all day long. Yesterday, one of my coworkers commented on the fact that she doesn't own a rain coat. And now it's pouring outside, so Kristin- this post is for you!

This cool jacket caught my eye because of its great fit, textured fabric and cool pleated collar: 

I'm absolutely drooling over Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection Leopard Print Trench. The color is subtle and not at all over-the-top, so you could feel comfortable wearing this jacket every day! 

If the pale leopard print is too neutral for you, you may want to try a bolder print. I like to wear bright colors and bold prints on rainy days- it helps combat the gloominess. This striped trench might just do the trick, especially if you had a nice bright red umbrella: 

Sometimes you just don't feel like wearing a trench. But what other options do you have? Well, this cape is a great start! The color is so rich and the silhouette is so retro-60's- it's perfect over a pair of skinny jeans or a fitted skirt with tall boots: 
Botany Professor Cape, Modcloth, $69.99

Another cool silhouette option is the slightly boxier swing coat style. This military-inspired version keeps the look crisp and clean while also featuring cool details like epaulets and big, silver buttons: 
Ahead of the Fleet Jacket, Modcloth, $154.99

Don't let a little rain get in the way of having a fabulous day out on the town. Just grab your Wellingtons and an umbrella and one of these fabulous raincoat options and head on out! Enjoy this rainy day, everyone! 


Anonymous said...

Yay! Leave it to Renee to keep us peppy even on this rainy day! Thank you Nay! All 3 of our umbrellas have died. Time to go get some new ones and a rain coat while we're at it.Kerry

Natalya's Closet said...

GREAT post! And OMG I NEED that black and white striped ASOS Trench!! XOXO,

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