Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoesday Tuesday: New Fall Boots

When the weather turned cool a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out my boots from last fall/winter. While I'm still pretty happy with my flat brown boot options, I realized I was really sick of my black boots. I wanted a better pair for this season- something a little more dressy, a little more sleek, a little more cute. I spent ALL DAY last Sunday shopping for a new pair. I'd also surfed the internet for over a week looking for the perfect pair. My problem with boots is that I have a high in-step, so a side zipper is almost always essential. Pull-on boots sometimes work, but I would never buy a pair over the internet if they didn't have a zipper. After hours of shopping on Sunday, I went home frustrated and empty-handed. In addition to my issue pull-on versus side-zipper, I also have very specific taste when it comes to black boots. Whether the leather is real or faux, I hate when it's too smooth and shiny. I like texture, whether it's that nubble-y kind of leather, or just a little distressed, I prefer when the look has depth. Often, when I find a boot I like, I usually prefer it in whatever shade of brown is available rather than the black. With a lighter color, there is usually more depth to the look of the leather. Black can be too flat, too one-dimensional sometimes. In the end, I found a pair I love from Charlotte Russe of all places!

3-Buckle Distressed Riding Boot, Charlotte Russe, $42.50

The leather is faux, but it looks rich. The texture is great and the cute heel and buckles are fabulous details. I'm sure I'm going to get lots of wear out of these boots this season. Also, even though they are pull-on style, getting my foot in was not an issue. Hurray! 

Charlotte Russe happened to be having a great shoe/boot sale- for every pair of shoes you buy, you get another pair for just $15.50. Online, the deal wasn't quite as good, with anywhere from a $15 to $40 discount on your shoe/boot order. Even though the online discount wasn't quite as much, I couldn't find these boots in either of the two stores I went to, so I had no choice but to get them online. There was one other pair I'd been eyeing when I was in stores, so I splurged and got them, too, but my total- including shipping charges- was still less than $75. Not bad for two pair of boots, right? Here's the other pair I got: 

Zip-Back Studded Distressed Boot, Charlotte Russe, $50

Again, the distressed look of the faux-leather is what drew me in. Even though they are inexpensive boots, the texture gives them depth and actually makes them look more expensive. I also really like the placement of the zipper at the back of the boot rather than the side:

Cool, right? I'm almost as excited to wear these as I am the black boots! What qualities do you look for in a pair of boots? Are you as picky as me? I often don't care if what I'm looking for is out of style. I like what I like. End of story. Leave a comment and tell me about your personal boot style. And have an awesome day! 

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Anonymous said...

i bought the black boots for $15 + a free under $6 jewelry accessory, i'm so happy and the boots are pretty cool...:D greetings from puerto rico

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