Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had the most fabulous and terrible experience yesterday. I was driving home from visiting a friend when I saw an adorable vintage shop I'd never been to before. I immediately turned around, pulled over, parked, fed the meter and hopped on over to what appeared to be a fabulous little vintage store. Unfortunately, it was 5:02 and on Wednesdays, this store apparently closes at 5:00. Isn't that just my luck? The lights were still on, so I could see into the store and I can promise that I will be back soon to check out all their fabulous items. I saw clothing, furniture and all sorts of other exciting vintage items. I also saw this:

The sign noted that the website is "always open." How adorable! When I got home, I popped open my laptop and enjoyed browsing through the website and Etsy shop full of amazing vintage pieces. One of my favorites also happened to be in the window at the actual shop:

I love discovering a new place to shop, especially when it's a vintage or consignment store. I can't wait to head back to this little gem of a store soon. Let's just hope I make it there before closing time! 

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