Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanks a Dot, Modcloth

I once wore a fabulous polka-dot dress to work (not at my current job) and a co-worker called me "Minnie Mouse." She meant it in jest and she was not being malicious, but the comment bothered me. I wasn't wearing a bow in my hair or mouse ears or white gloves, so the only reason she had to call me that was the polka-dots. Why should polka-dots get a bed rep just because of Minnie Mouse? She's lovable, right? Polka dots don't have to be cutesy and this dress from Modcloth is proof:

Thanks a Dot Dress, Modcloth, $104.99

Paired with modern accessories, this dress will look sophisticated and stylish. Do yourself a favor and don some dots today. 

1 comment:

Maria said...

I love polka dots! Honestly that co-worker sounds dreadful...

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