Monday, September 5, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 6

What a disappointing episode this was! I am a little upset that so few of the designers actually bothered to follow the parameters of this weeks' challenge. The concept was to create and AVANT GARDE design, was it not? I just saw so little on the runway that could actually qualify as avant garde.

Laura's design was pretty, but oh-so tame. I've seen plenty of gowns like this on the red carpet, on the runway, even at work:

Olivier's design was another snooze-fest, but he didn't even have the saving grace of good construction. Nope- he glued his garment together. Explain that, will you?

The third and final flow-y, boring, sheer fabric dress was made by Viktor, whom I normally adore. This week, his dress was a complete disaster from start to finish:

Unfortunately, the remaining designers didn't fare well, either. Nearly everyone fell short in one way or another, but Josh C. and Kimberly did it in style with some leather to spice up the night. Unfortunately for Josh, it meant he was auf'd for the second time this season. 

Josh C's Look

Kimberly's Look

Apparently, to them, "avant garde" means tight leather mini and weird embellishments. 

The worst of the worst, however, were Bert, Bryce and Becky: 

Bert's Look

Bryce's Look

Becky's Look

I have no words for Bert, except maybe "Do you HATE women THAT MUCH?!?!" No offense, Heidi, but even YOU would not look good in those pants. That outfit would have been more suited to the stilts challenge. Bryce's straight-jacket dress was just dumb. I said it. It was dumb. When is he going home? Next week, I hope. And as for Becky, it's a basic black dress with some building blocks on the shoulder. Her failure was in not taking it far enough. Also, the long part of the dress should have been lined in an interesting color, don't you think. Isn't that her thing- fun linings?

As for the ones I consider to be in the "top," I was still underwhelmed. Anya's look just seemed incongruous. Sometimes I think the designers make a checklist of what can qualify as avant garde and just select a few off the list to create something totally bizarre. For Anya, her checklist included an exaggerated silhouette, atypical fabric choices and feathers. I love Anya, but I do NOT love this. 

Josh M's look was my favorite, but it had nothing to do with the sad story about his mom. How contrived that one week he's the nasty villain and the next week, he's all weepy. Of course I feel bad about his mom, but at this point I think he may be gunning for an Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a Drama. Regardless, I liked his look best: 

Winner Anthony Ryan made a sheath dress and then appliqued a bunch of "paint strokes" onto it. I am still unsure as to what about this is avant garde? 

This look could easily be worn on the red carpet if it were a little more refined, but there isn't anything about it that says "Avant garde." Correct me if I'm wrong, please! He did a nice job of translating the art work he and his partner created, but that's it. There is nothing over-the-top or exaggerated about this dress. I don't feel he deserved the win, but again, I'm not sure any of them did.

See what I mean? Disappointing, right? I want an avant garde do-over challenge where they actually create something dramatic and bold! Please, designers, don't let this happen again! 


Anonymous said...

Love Anya's fabric. Those are so my colors. Sorry I missed the episode so I'm glad you caught me up to speed Nay Nay. Will tune in tonight! K.C.

Maria said...

I missed the episode until last night thanks to our friend Irene. :) I agree with your assessments, yet at the same time I enjoyed this episode because the looks were (in general) less boring than what I've seen so far this season. Which tells you how boring the clothes have been, come to think of it.

Also, is it me, or were those kids WAY more mature and interesting than any of the designers?

Tim W. said...

I agree with you that the episode was blah. I wish they had opened the episode with a mini fashion history lesson to teach the designers what avant-garde means and give some examples of avant-garde looks from the past. The Met has done several exhibits featuring fashion, perhaps they could have worked out a tie-in?

In any case, Tim did tell the designers that avant-garde is supposed to "advance" fashion to be at the forefront, what's next, to literally be the "vanguard" for upcoming fashion. And if what the designers showed is the next direction for fashion, then give me last season! (Perhaps what we learned is that the next big thing is to glue your garment together, since two of the designers--Anthony Ryan and Olivier--did just that, and two more designers--Becky and Bert--looked like they could have.)

Joshua M's made me think of a poodle skirt and fuzzy sweater but for a Tim Burton movie; I just couldn't figure out why the judges liked it so much. Anthony Ryan's idea was actually pretty cool, but I agree that it needed to be more refined.

My actual favorite was Viktor's if only because I felt it was the most avant-garde, at least in terms of something we might see more of in the future. It's still a bit of a mess though, so it's not like I'm upset about the outcome.

*sigh* This season started off with so much promise, but these designers aren't showing their best work. Let's hope the second half of the season is better.

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