Saturday, September 10, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 7

If there is one thing we love more than a villain on P.R., it's a villain unraveling before our eyes and then becoming human again. And then seeing the teammates of said villain (accurately) blaming him for the failure of the group. Josh M. made quite the case for resident lunatic and unfortunately, Team Nuts & Bolts never recovered from the outburst at the start of the challenge.This episode was like watching a train wreck in slow motion and yet I just could not look away. In fact, I got so caught up in the craziness of Team Nuts & Bolts, that I ended up completely blown away by the Team Chaos runway show. And since their runway show was far more dramatic and interesting than the disagreements of Team Nuts & Bolts, I'd like to just forget about all the fighting and name-calling and go right to the fashions.

Team Chaos created a collection that caused me to have an emotional reaction for the first time this season. The looks this episode were far and away the most exciting and interesting that we've seen yet in Season 9 and it was very refreshing. Let's just review the looks from Team Chaos, shall we?

Bryce's Look

His look was far and away the weakest look of the five- I'm ready for Bryce to go home. As a designer, he's not up to par and as entertainment, he pales in comparison to pretty much everyone else. But then again, pretty much everyone pales in comparison to Josh M. for entertainment value. 

Olivier's Look

I admit, I was so stunned by the jacket when I first watched this episode that I hardly noticed the pants. The pants are incredible and as much as I love Anya, I think Olivier may have been robbed of this win. Speaking of Anya...

Anya's Look

Anya's dress is not only the winner with the judges this week, it's also my winner for the Would I Wear It Award. I adore this dress and I would absolutely love to wear it. The print is gorgeous, the fit is amazing and I love the open back. Stunning! 

Anthony Ryan's Look

Anthony Ryan's look was an extremely close second for me. I adore the top and I'm obsessed with the skirt. Overall, he did an amazing job. 

Viktor's Look

Viktor's gown is simply breathtaking and proof that good design doesn't have to be complicated. He created a simple gown that was impeccably tailored and quite interesting to look at. I could easily see this dress on the red carpet and I actually hope I do some day! 

Overall, this was an excellent challenge and one of my favorites so far this season. Keep it up, kids! 


Tim W. said...

Ah the team challenge that invariably sends a designer home at least a week early because the actual weakest designer is on the winning team. The fact that Bryce is still in this competition is laughable. The fact that at some point in the first ten minutes of every episode Bryce feels the need to say "I want to prove to the other designers that I'm a good designer," is just tedious. At this point, even if Bryce somehow did design something decent, it would do little to change the other designers' opinions of him.

All of which is to say, I feel bad for Becky because she's shown much more ability as a designer this season than Bryce, and frankly, as underwhelming as her look may have been, I'll take her cute little jacket over Bryce's Kohl's clearance rack shorts any day. I just hope that being kicked off this week didn't keep Becky from being able to do a decoy show at Fashion Week. Based on their designs so far on the show, Becky is far more deserving of a decoy show than Bryce, and I'd actually be interested in seeing what she came up with when required to have her own point of view rather than lamely being a follower.

Otherwise, I'm with you on how the winning team's fashions spoke much more loudly than team Nuts and Bolts' drama. My favorite was Viktor's gown, which I too, would like to see on the red carpet. But the other 3 were so good, any of them could have been named the winner, and I'm not upset at all that Anya won. In fact, I'd be happy if team Chaos (minus Bryce) was the final four. I wouldn't even be surprised if that's how it plays out.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Tim- I think you should be doing my PR posts. Your summaries are far more thorough than mine this season. :)

But seriously, I completely agree with everything you said, and I am SO ready for Bryce to go home. As for Becky, it appears as though she did NOT get the opportunity to design a decoy show. How disappointing. :(

I can't decide if I want to look at the runway shows yet. I did last season, but only briefly, so as not to cloud my opinion of the designers for the remainder of the show. Maybe after each one is eliminated I'll allow myself to go check out their decoy show...

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