Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rate My Look

Yesterday I tried out the bright-color tights trend. I adore this fabulous thrift-shop dress (it's H&M)- it's comfy and flattering and just fun. It's one of my favorite dresses to pair funky-printed scarves with. As you can see I've done exactly that with the scarf around my waist. I actually made that scarf myself a few years ago and decided yesterday that I do not wear it often enough. It's actually a small paisley print, which combined with the geometric dot print of the dress is a fun combination. Yes, that's right, mixing prints is NOT a fashion faux-pas!

As for the tights, I got them at Target for $5 the other day. I don't wear much purple, so it was an attempt to incorporate more of that lovely amethyst jewel-tone into my wardrobe. I finished it off with a pair of purple satin kitten-heel shoes that I haven't worn in a long time. The necklace is from Forever 21 and I adore it, but it is probably hard to see in the picture.

Anyway, my face looks a little busted in this picture- I didn't have a lot of time before leaving the house for my self-portraiting, so I did one quick shot and unfortunately it wasn't my best. They can't all be winners, right?


Fell 4 Fashion said...

Love the dress and think it looks FAB with those tights!!!!

Kimberlie said...

I love the dress too and LOVE the purple tights. You look great!

Dawn said...

Love the dress, but whats up with the gaudy thing tied right under your bust? It cuts the dress in half and ruins the flo of it plus making you look much heavier than you are.

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