Friday, February 5, 2010

Rate Ken's Look!

Ok, you'll have to forgive these photos because they are in Ken's office at AMT. He'll never forgive me for posting them, but I had to share with all of you a successful "lumberjack" trend outfit. Of course I didn't get a good shot of the whole outfit, but he paired this plaid shirt with nice blue jeans, a cool ringer tee underneath and nice shoes. had he worn a fur-trimmed hat and work boots, this would not have been so successful an outfit!

You can sort of see in this picture how he's only buttoned the middle buttons on the shirt, and he's rolled the sleeves up. All good choices for keeping this look chic and relaxed. A watch or cool leather cuff would have been a nice accessory to finish off the look, but even as it is, it completely works.

If he's willing, I'd like to feature Ken on the blog more frequently as he is generally a pretty stylin' dude. So what do you think of his plaid shirt? Leave a comment!

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