Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yesterday was productive....

I had planned to go to New York City this weekend to visit some friends, but after the snow storm of this past week, so many things were reschedule that I had to cancel my trip. Suddenly, I found myself with a free Saturday. I ended up having a productive day and it was actually quite relaxing to run errands without a time frame. I dressed for comfort because I knew I'd be running around town a bit:
This outfit isn't exactly brand new- I've worn the dress and sweater plenty of times for the blog, but this time I matched it with a pair of dark grey tights with pink over-the-knee-socks from Target and my new Gap boots. Since I always need to have a little sparkle and glam, I threw on my pink and grey Forever 21 beaded necklace and some bright lipstick. The socks are folded down so that they only hit at my knee- the thigh-high look isn't exactly me, but I like the layered tights and socks for warmth and a little bit of quirkiness, not to mention the pop of color in an otherwise all black and white outfit.

While out running errands today, I stopped by Sephora for some of my favorite lip plumper and while I was there I also got to pick up my birthday present from them. If you join the "Beauty Insider" club with Sephora, then every year you'll get a little present from them around your birthday. Last year, I got a trio of lip glosses that I loved. This year was a gift set for the eyes- mascara, liner and shadow. I'm looking forward to trying them out tomorrow. Anyway, the point of this story is to remind you that joining the free "clubs" for your favorite stores will pay off more than you think. I have the club/discount card for SO many stores because I shop so frequently for my job and eventually I learned to start getting them for myself as well. For the stores I personally like, anyway. Yes, I have a Hot Topic "Frequen Shopper Discount Card" for work, but I didn't feel compelled to get one for myself. I  however get one for Wet Seal, Gold Toe, AC Moore, and plenty of others. Not only do I always get extra discounts at the register, but I'm always receiving extra coupons and freebies as a result of the memberships. I got a free scarf from Wet Seal, free socks from Gold Toe, and in addition to my birthday eye make-up gift, my Sephora Beauty Insider card also got me a bottle of hand cream with my lip gloss purchase. So sign up for those free discounts- your bank account will thank you!

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