Saturday, February 20, 2010

Purse Pursuits

My dearest friend Beth is forever on the lookout for a fabulous bag. She owns several, but that doesn't stop the hunt for her. Plus we all know that the need for great bags is never satiated. Personally, I'm more of a shoe person- I'll shop for shoes for days and never grow tired of it. She's like that with bags. And she has some requirements for her bags, too. Mostly, she needs it to be able to hold a notebook and a laptop, among other things. So, I thought I'd post some bags that meet those requirements while also being fabulously stylish. After all, I'm positive she's not the only lady out there in pursuit of a functional, yet stylish bag. In fact, I'm sure there are thousands of women out there looking. So here are some great bag options in a variety of price ranges. Enjoy!

In Hot Purse-uit, ModCloth, $57.99

Angie & Lola Satchel, Target, $13.98

Broady, Steve Madden, $88

Popicon Tote, Nine West, $109.99

Based on the dimensions provided on each website, I think all of these bags are big enough for a laptop and a full-size notebook as well as all the typical accoutrements found in a ladies handbag- wallet, make-up, keys, cell phone, etc. And I personally think they are all stylish, attractive handbags to boot. What do you think? Leave a comment- tell me about your bag requirements. If you're having trouble finding a bag that meets your needs, let me know- I'm sure I can help.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Beth said...

Jeez. This post is like giving drugs to an addict, but I do love it. You find such funky, fashionable, AFFORDABLE stuff to feature on your blog–it's awesome!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Ah! That's too funny! But I'm glad you like my picks, even if it makes me a "pusher." hahah!

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