Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Style Collage for (Real) Men

Shirt: Gap, $44.50
Jeans: Levis 527, $59.50
Hat: Target, $14.99
Sunglasses: Sunglass Shack, $19.99
Belt: Old Navy, $15
Watch: Fossil, $85

It's true- it takes a real man to be confident enough to wear pink. To pull it off, keep the rest of the outfit masculine. I paired this pink button-front from the Gap with cool jeans and some hipster-esque accessories. If the hat and shades are too much for you, skip 'em. If you'd feel better with a black rocker t-shirt under the shirt, go for it! Make it your own, but trust me, guys, you need to try pink.

2/25/1020 UPDATE: A couple of days after this post, my coworker Ken wore this to work:
Notice not only the use of pink, but the mixing of brown and black (the cuff and shoes, respectively). I believe he also had a belt on, but I'm not sure of its color. The point is, mixing black and brown is perfectly fine. In fact, had he worn brown leather shoes, that would have been a little too matchy-matchy with the leather cuff.
Obviously the cuff and the denim help keep this look masculine, but the rolled sleeves and open buttons at the top and bottom of the shirt also help keep it casual and easy. Nice job, Ken!  

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