Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST inspired outfits

One thing you are all most likely learning about me as you read this blog is that I watch far too much TV. And I don't just like certain shows- I obsess over them. My Project Runway obsession is already apparent to anyone who's been reading this blog with any regularity. Another of my absolute favorite shows is LOST. I am not one of the crazy die-hards who sits up on message boards and chat rooms discussing all the minutiae of each episode. I just really love the show- the story, the mysteries of the island- I love it all. Desmond is my constant.Oh snap!

In honor of the Final Season Premiere tonight, I present to you two LOST-inspired outfits. Enjoy!

First, nothing says "jungle" like a chic safari dress. This one from Guess is available in two colors and is currently on sale for $59.95:

Somehow, it's vaguely reminiscent of the Dharma Initiative's khaki jumpsuits, but I think this would be worn in the Dharma spa station I've dubbed "The Fountain." It's on the same side of the island as The Temple station, for obvious reasons. If only Ben had scheduled a weekly massage therapy there, things might have turned out differently. But I digress... Layer it over a pair of jeans, tights or leggings if you live someplace where it's actually winter and accessorize it with these:

Wooden Cuff Bracelet, Ten Thousand Villages, $12.00

Aqua Open Weave Scarf, Ten Thousand Villages, $24.00

Jessica Simpson Jonas Boot, Endless, $119.23

Or if you live somewhere warm, these instead:

One of my all time favorite characters is Charlie. I admit, I cried when he drowned in the Looking Glass station. I loved his rocker style, so this next outfit is in his honor.

Start with these Gap Distressed Boyfriend Jeans as your base ($69.50 or free if you actually take them from your boyfriend):

Next, pull out an old fitted graphic tee from your closet like this one from American Eagle ($19.50 or a lot less if you're smart and shop vintage or thrift stores. Just make sure you wash before you wear if it's second hand):

Keep it girly and glam without losing the edge with a pair of super high cage sandals like these from Urban Original ($21.50):

Next, no rocker look is complete without the right accessories:

Sparkling Cross Chain, Forever 21, $5.80

Grungette Hoop Earrings (the name says it all), Forever 21, $5.80

And of course, no Charlie-inspired outfit would be complete without some type of large metallic ring reminiscent of his "DS" ring:
Steam Gear Ring, Etsy, $165

It may not have letters like Charlie's but somehow this Steampunk-style ring reminds me not only of his ring, but also of the wheel Ben turned to "move the island" and the various Dharma symbols seen throughout the series.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my LOST-inspired outfits. I can't wait to watch the premiere tonight! Whoo-hoo!

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