Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Runway: Season 7, Episode 4

WIN: Amy
AUF'd: Jesus

I admit, I was drifting off to sleep as I watched this episode last night. I have had a very hectic couple of days, the last one mostly because I bumped my flight up a day earlier than planned. I flew home to New Hampshire to visit family and friends for the weekend, but knowing that Central PA was about to get slammed with a major snowstorm, I decided not to risk it and flew up a day early. Anyway, after working till 1, driving to the airport in traffic, standing in line for security (realizing the 3-ounce hand lotion and body spray in my purse are NOT in Ziploc baggies! Oh no! Security risk!), arriving at the gate just in time to hear the boarding announcement, flying an hour, disembarking, heading right out to dinner with my family, and then finally arriving at my parents house, I was exhausted. Even staying up for the show was difficult! But enough excuses, on to the commentary:

I really enjoyed this challenge. I always love it when the designers are tasked with designing for "real women." It shows their true colors, not to mention their skill level. It's easy to make a walking coat hanger look good, but when they have to deal with all sorts of shapes and sizes and heights and weights, suddenly you can easily see who really knows about making women look good. I think that's why Amy won over Mila. Amy's design was not only beautifully done, but it would be flattering on so many body types. Mila's was certainly stunning, but a fitted gown with a giant white star applique on the hip? Not so commercially viable, you know?

I do wonder why they had the additional challenge of incorporating the Campbell's brand. It's like a strange homage to Andy Warhol's soup dress, only without any acknowledgement of that!

Anyway, I'm cutting this post short as I am currently on vacation and about to eat breakfast with my mom. Leave a comment to tell me what you thought of the episode!

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Beth said...

I totally agree with you about the weirdness of incorporating the Campbell's brand. A red dress could already go tacky so easily, having the addition of the branding made the tackiness inevitable. It made every dress, even Amy's, costume rather than couture. Also, just have to say, it was definitely Jesus's time to go. Rhinestone straps? Are you kidding?!?

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