Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday

I thought this Tuesday I would share some of my favorite shoes from my own closet. I hope my work never institutes a dress code because it might mean giving up wearing some of these. So if you're wondering about apropriate workplace footwear, you'll have to look somewhere other than in my closet. Due to my line of work, I'm able to blur the line between professional and fun- not everyone is so fortunate. For most people, workplace shoes should be conservative in color, style, and especially heel height. Stilettos are a no-no. Rhinestones, bright colors, and anything really flashy should also be avoided. A good bit of advice is that if you are going to wear a high heel or bright shoe, pair it was a pair of dark trousers and fairly conservative top. Looking professional at work is important, so don't risk your reputation at work for a pair of heels. Ok, I'm stepping off the soap box now. I hope you enjoy this foray into my shoe closet. First up is a pair of shoes that I wore most when I worked in an office with a strict Business-attire-only dress code. Panty hose was a requirement in that office. I loved these shoes so much I still wear them (without the hose).

This next pair is not quite as office-friendly, but I love wearing them with a pair of sailor pants- very 40's, very cute.

This next pair are also darlings from my days as an office slave. I love them still. You'll notice the heel height is a tad lower than most of my other shoes, making them appropriate for nearly any office environment. I just love the pink patent leather paired with the herringbone.

Ok, now for the really fun stuff. I'm sure you remember these from a previous post:
As if a girl needs another pair of red-hot red shoes... I couldn't help myself with these next heels- a pair of red satin peep toe pumps.
Another satin pair, this time in fucshia, these were a bargain find at an Ann Taylor in NYC. Formerly over $125, I paid a mere $19.44. Love them!

These Jessica Simpson ombre patent peep toe mary janes were another bargain, this time at SYMS. Unfortunately, these shoes are not as comfortable as I'd like, or I'd wear them a lot more.
I'm sure at this point you think all my fun shoes are red or pink. Not true! In fact, the previous four shoes are what I consider "tame" by comparison. Check out these mustard yellow patent pumps:
I love yellow (can you tell?) especially in the summer. These wedges are starting to look a little worse for wear but they're still in good enough shape that I can wear them without embarrassment.
How fun are these pink polka-dots (bought on clearance for $5- no joke!)

Not all my shoes are so cute-sy. I occassionally play with animal print- in small doses, of course. What better small dose than a bit of fun on your feet?

This picture really does not do these BCBGirls justice. The color is a vibrant lime green- fun, huh?

Another of my favorite wedges, these were yet ANOTHER $5 find! I'm nothing if not good at bargain hunting!
If you think the pattern is a bit loud, prepare yourself for these next three. First, a pair from
Bakers, a gift from a most fabulous and stylish friend, Melanie:

Next a Nine West paisley- another $5 bargain find. I think they were so cheap because the ribbon was missing. Fortunately, there was a craft store next door to the shoe store, so I just brought the newly bought shoes in and found a few different ribbon colors that worked. I change the ribbon color out depending on my mood or outfit.
And finally, a pair of CRAZY yellow, black and royal blue indescribable peep toe pumps. Yes, I think we're best leaving them at "indescribable."
As fun as they are, I can't really wear all these brightly colored shoes all the time. I have to have a handful of fairly neutral options, like these beige and brown peep toe heels: It's hard to see in the picture, but I love the buckle on the front. Neutral doesn't have to mean boring- a little detail goes a long way.

Another great pair of "neutrals," these chocolate brown leather ditties from Nine West rock my world.
Perhaps my favorite "neutral" in my closet, these black patent lace-up oxfords are some of the most fabulous shoes I own. I wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans- pretty much anything. They are SO versatile and I love their vintage feel.

I try to treat most of my shoes equally- I don't like to favor one pair too much. But I kind of saved the best for last. I searched far and wide for these
Manolo Blahnik knock-offs, made famous in the "Shoe Shame" episode of Sex & the City. Remember when Carrie's shoes were stolen from the baby shower? Hilarious, right?

I hope you've enjoyed this brief visit into my shoe closet. Maybe in a few months I'll post a similar blog with my winter shoes. I think it is important to mention that only one or two of these shoes cost more than $25, and I paid full price for NONE of them. You really can have interesting shoes without depleting your bank account. I'm living proof!

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