Sunday, August 9, 2009

Project Runway- who's your fave?

I visited the Project Runway page on today and checked out the Season Six designers' portfolios. I have to admit- it was kind of exciting! Before the end of the month, we'll have our darling Runway back! Whoo-hoo!!!

I digress... anyway, I thought I'd give myself a little preview, which I don't normally do. I tend to wait until the first episode to start passing judgement, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm not sure if it's the length of time I've had to wait for this season, or the offensiveness of The Fashion Show, or some combination of the two, but I couldn't wait until August 20th. Anyway, I watched a couple of videos of this season's contestants, but mostly I spent time looking at pictures of their pre-Runway designs to get a feel for each of their design esthetics. It's funny when you think about how they must cast these types of shows because even in the handful of photos and sketches posted for each designer, the different "types" the producers have cast are abundantly clear.

For example, there are at least two recent fashion school grads who just seem so wide-eyed and optimistic, and fortunately less egomaniacal than Kenley. Also, there are two who remind me of Santino in their shredded, edgy, avant garde perspective. One is more urban, but basically the same feeling is there with both. A lot of the designers seemed to have a very strong point of view, so I am really looking forward to seeing how they handle the challenges each week. One designer's claim to fame is that he designed the wings for the Victoria's Secret runway shows- they're in his portfolio pics!

The one designer I'm already favoring is Christopher Straub. His designs are interesting and unique, but they also have commercial appeal. They were all very feminine, so he seems to understand the female body, but there is also a lot of interesting detail in his designs. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do- I hope he goes far. How embarrassed will I be if he's eliminated early on? But I am also pulling for Gordana Gehlhausen- her designs are right up there with Christopher's. I like her work for a lot of the same reasons I like Christopher's, plus she has the same cute accent as Uli.

Take a minute to visit the Project Runway page on Lifetime and get your own preview of the designers. Leave me a comment and tell me who's your favorite!

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