Monday, August 17, 2009


That was me this morning- annoyed. I was watching the news on Better Philly this morning as I got ready for work and there was a segment all about quick fashion tips for busy women. The fashion "expert" giving advice was ok at first, but then something she said bothered me. She said that her advice to busy women is to remove one accessory before leaving the house in the morning. (This is advice I often give to my clients because women tend to over-accessorize, but I always tell them, "Coco Chanel once said...") In the Better Philly segment, it felt at first as if she was claiming this advice as her own, which is a horrible offense to being with! You should have seen my face! I was horrified! Then, the host asked for clarification and when she explained her logic behind giving that advice, she finished with, "one of the Hepburns said that- to always remove one item." I was happy she admitted it wasn't her idea, but again horrified that she got the credit wrong! This person is a presumed fashion "expert" who is not even aware of whom she is quoting! How embarrassing for her! If I was going on television for any reason, I would do my homework and be thoroughly prepared with all my tips. Maybe I'm being hard on her- do you think so? In any case, I hope you'll remember in the future that it was Coco Chanel who said that before she leaves the house, a woman should look in the mirror and then pick one item to remove to prevent over-accessorizing. Good advice for a lot of women if you ask me!

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