Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday

A popular trend right now involves cut-outs and we're seeing it all over the place. On our feet. It's really interesting to see, if not always pretty. Some of these cut-out styles are a little too edgy for my taste, but I get the appeal. It's certainly unique! Like these zebra print cut-out ankle boots. Is it some bizarre combination brought about by the mating of a sandal and a boot? I dunno, but they sure are eye-catching. The high heeled gladiator shoe seems to be very popular these days as well:
My personal favorite, though, is this cut-out wedge. Totally unique!
I have to hand it to the designers who are coming up with these looks. I won't be picking any of these shoes up anytime soon (mostly because they are all well outside of my budget), but I like the visual interest, so I hope the trend sticks around for a little while longer, at least.

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