Friday, August 28, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 2

I think that the LA location of Season six is kind of cool- every episode has the potential to have a HUGE celebrity guest judge. Last week was Lindsay Lohan, this week, Rebecca Romijn. And the twist? She's pregnant with twins, so the designers have to make maternity clothes! Every season there seems to be some type of "real woman" challenge, whether that means plus size, or this time maternity- I think it's cool. I remember an episode of The Fashion Show (that god-awful show that replaced Project Runway on Bravo) where the designers "real women" were size 6 or 8 for the most part and they all seemed to lose their minds- they couldn't wrap their heads around the concept of designing for something larger than a clothes hanger. One even admitted that she wants her models to essentially be walking clothes hangers. I believe that was the last episode of The Fashion Show that I actually watched- I was too offended. Real women, plus-size women, pregnant women- they are all beautiful. Ok, on to the actual episode:

WIN: Shirin Askari
AUF: Malvin Vien

I loved Shirin's dress last week- it was the champagne cocktail dress with the black capelet that was attached at the waist and could drop off the shoulders and drape gracefully in the back, almost like a bustle. This week Shirin's dress was a beautiful burgundy-wine dress with the most interesting draping techniques, especially at the waistline. But that wasn't all- she also made a perfectly tailored, beautifully lined jacket- no small feat. I think she's absolutely showing herself to be a front-runner in the competition. I just hope she keeps it up. In both of these new episodes I've loved what she designed and it made me want to see more.

As for Melvin, his concept was nearly as out-there as Ari's was last week. The mother hen? Complete with an egg, feathers and chicken thighs? Even perfect execution couldn't save him! Although, he did edit the jodhpurs down to a regular skinny pant. Thank god!

This week, Monique Lhuillier filled in for Michael Kors, making it an entirely female judges panel, and all four of them had been pregnant before. Honestly, I would have preferred Michael's opinion as well, but at least it was fair judging- all four women have the experience necessary to judge the challenge in great detail.

My other favorites this week: Logan, Christopher, Gordana and Johnny

The judges other favorites were Louise and Althea and I agree they both did a great job, but I preferred the favorites listed above. If anything, I'd probably add Louise to my list of faves simply because of all the interesting details on her garment- the pleating, the hand-dyed lace, the flowers on the shoulder- overall it was impeccably made. Althea's was elegant as well, and I especially liked the back and how slimming the ribbon technique looked. I really loved Johnny's because it worked as a maternity dress, but it would also have been successful if made for any other challenge. I liked the other three- Gordana, Christopher and Logan because they were all able to do something other than a dress and actually be very successful. Making a dress was definitely the easier route to take, so to make separates and look as good as they did was impressive to me. All four were successful to me because they were beautiful clothes that would have been beautiful as misses, plus size or maternity. They were interesting, beautiful and artistic and it was like the maternity aspect was just another detail, rather than the focus.

And other disasters this week (in my opinion): Nicholas, Mitchell and Epperson

I have to admit, I was surprised that Epperson wasn't in the bottom- his jumpsuit was an odd choice and the jacket was SO stiff and uncomfortable-looking! And Nicholas' dress was WAY too tight. Maybe the judges saw something I didn't because they both made it through to next week. The judges other bottom choices were Ra'mon and Mitchell, so I guess I agreed with them a little. Mitchell seems to be ill equipped or unprepared for the challenge of being on this show. For two weeks in a row, he has presented something basically unwearable- his model this week was a hot mess! Poor Ra'mon and his bowling ball bag dress! If it wasn't a maternity dress, it would have been beautiful and chic and probably very slimming. Too bad the execution made it look quite literally like a bowling ball bag! Mitchell made that reference in the workroom the day before the runway show and Rebecca Romijn made the same analogy during the judges deliberation. I'm glad he wasn't eliminated for it because even though it was an epic fail for a maternity dress, it made me want to see more of what he can do. Mitchell, on the other hand- he needs to be Auf'd!

One thing I really like about this season is that the designers all seem to be nice people who support each other. I loved Santino and Jeffrey and the other more controversial cast members of past seasons, but I hate watching the drama and the fighting between people- I'd much rather watch them create and sew. I guess Lifetime's "Models of the Runway" show will have all the drama- we can hope at least!

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