Sunday, August 9, 2009

Accessories Anonymous

I promised it several times and finally, here it is: A picture of that A-MA-ZING new pin I recently bought. I have already admitted to being an accessories addict, but this pin really is something special. It measures about 6 inches long by about 3 inches wide, it's metal and enamel and I bought it at an antique shop down here in PA.

Needless to say, this broach makes quite a statement. I'm not sure what kind of bird it is exactly, so if you think you know, leave me a comment. It really is spectacular, isn't it? I have another favorite pin that's quite unique, although it's a lot smaller than the bird pin. It's another fabulous vintage find:

I love her! She's sort of intriguing, a little mysterious, right? I've been wearing interesting broaches for years- I started out putting them on my winter coats to add a little visual interest and flair to an otherwise boring coat. The bird pin is so big, the challenge was to put together an outfit that could stand up to the pin without competing with it. With the face pin, I actually pair her, with a few long, black, beaded necklaces which actually make the pin stand out a little more. I've always been a fan of flower pins, though. Check out the collection:

The picture really doesn't do most of them justice. From left to right, the top row is a vintage metal pin with an acrylic rhinestone center, an enamel flower pin, also vintage, and an Ann Taylor glass and metal pin in the deepest blue you've ever seen. The second row is a purple glass and rhinestone pin, a multi-color rhinestone pin, a green enamel and rhinestone pin and deep red glass and rhinestone pin. All four are metal settings and non of them are vintage, but they all seem to have a vintage feel, don't they? In addition to metal, enamel, glass and rhinestone broaches, I also love wearing fabric flower pins. These I bought on sale at Ann Taylor and I love them!

They also have a clip on the back which allows me to put them in my hair as well as on a garment. Versatile and beautiful! I loved them so much, I bought them in multiples- three different colors! Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed taking a look at my favorite pins and broaches. I'm dying for a nice cameo- something vintage and unique. Let me know if you see one!

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