Sunday, August 30, 2009

Style Icon- for men!

I received an email today asking for tips on what is slimming attire for men. The answer is: that depends on your body. I know that's not the answer you want, but it's the truth. All I can tell you is to start with Step 1: look in the mirror and be honest about your body type and the dress it in clothes that fit. Too tight will make you look sausage-y. Too loose will make you look frumpy and disheveled. Clothes that fit well will make you look great. That being said, there are a few general tips I can offer.
1.) Flat-front pants with a straight leg are generally more slimming than pleated front pants
2.) Vertical stripes on a button-down shirt help elongate your look which can also be slimming
3.) Monochromatic outfits are also slimming because once again, they elongate your body

But these tips are only a little useful. If you have trouble identifying what isn't working on your body or what your body type is, look to the celebrities. They have professionals making sure they look amazing no matter what the occasion or their body type. Use that to YOUR advantage.

Want to look sophisticated, classic and polished? Do you like to look sleek but not draw too much attention to yourself? Model your look after George Clooney and Daniel Craig. What guy DOESN'T want to look as cool as James Bond, right? Both of these men wear very classic attire in both casual settings and on the red carpet.

P.S. Can we just pause for a moment to mention Daniel Craig's blue eyes? Irresistible is a word that comes to mind.

Maybe you'd rather show off your sense of style by experimenting with trends. You want to be NOTICED. Look to Johnny Depp for quirky, trendy attire. He knows a thing or two about stepping outside of the box and he does it with panache.
I understand, though, if those options don't appeal to you. While Clooney & Craig look dapper, maybe it's a little too polished for your taste. And Johnny Depp is definitely cool, but maybe you just aren't that interested in fashion. You want to be more laid-back, more casual. You can still look good, and be in good company while you're at it. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are two guys who can rock a t-shirt and jeans and look better than anything else for miles. And miles.
Although I don't recommend a t-shirt and jeans as your everyday go-to attire, I do think that you can look just as good casually dressed as you can look in a 3-piece bespoke suit.
I hope this post has been useful to all of you guys out there. To be honest, menswear can be even more difficult than womens clothing because of its simplicity. You have to have all the details right in order for it all to work. Women have the advantage of layering all sorts of accessories on top of our clothes to alter the shape and feel of our outfits. Smoke and mirrors aren't as readily available to men. Fortunately, once you figure out exactly which details work on your body, you're good to go for quite a while. Menswear hasn't changed a whole lot in the last 100 years or so. In fact, each of the style icons mentioned above has his own counterpart in a previous generation. Think I'm wrong? Check it out:
George Clooney: Clark Gable
Johnny Depp: Truman Capote
Ben Affleck: James Dean
No matter who your style icon is, you need to remember that fit is the MOST important factor. I don't care if you spend $1500 on a pair of Dior jeans or $5 on a pair from Goodwill. If they don't fit you well, they are a waste of money.

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